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Buying a Boat

So it’s time to buy your first boat or your next boat. Here’s a few key thoughts to help make it easy.
Firstly, where are you going to use your boat?

Will you be mainly on lakes, rivers, bays or offshore? Is it fishing or pleasure boating you’ll mainly be doing?

Savage has a boat to suit you and LEM can talk you through the options.

How many people will be boating with you? This will help us work out what size boat you are likely to need.

How much power will you need? Sure fast is fun, but do you really need the maximum horsepower?

Options and more options. Let us take you through the extensive list of things you can add to your Savage boat. Or the many custom colour combos to choose from.

But mainly, let’s just get an idea of which kind of boat will suit you and your budget. There’s plenty of great options waiting for you at Lake Eildon Marine and some fantastic deals too!